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  1. Vendor model
  2. Socket model
  3. Dimension's model
  4. Chassis, Linecards, Modules, Fans and PSU.
  5. Сompatibility table
  6. Ability to link all-in one

Service Activation

  1. More Interfaces
    * DHCP Relay (Get, Set)
    * DHCP Server (Get, Set)
    * DHCP Local Relay (Get, Set)
    * DNS Relay (Get, Set)
    * DNS Server (Get, Set)
    * DOM Setting (Get, Set)
    * DOM Status (Get)
    * Loopdetect (Get, Set)
    * NTP Server (Get, Set)
    * STP Loopdetect (Get, Set)
    * STP BPDU Protection (Get, Set)
    * Get Physycal Interface Parameters
  2. D-Link CLI Paging

Fault Management

  1. Combo-Rules, based on previous event data
  2. Script values returned from Event Triggers and Alarm Triggers can be displayed in event body.

VC Management

  1. VC Types
  2. VC Filters
    * admin actions: test
  3. VC Domains:
    * label lookup при сохранении
    * фильтрация по enable provisioning и enable bind filters
  4. VC Bind Filters
    * extmodelapplication
    * label lookup при сохранении
  5. VC
    * теги
    * label lookup при сохранении
    * Фильтрация по VC domain
    * Import VLANs from switch + ограничение по фильтру (NOC-406)
    * Add Free VC
    * Interfaces (count)
    * Interfaces (details)
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