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0.1RC2 (29-JAN-2009)

* replaced with etc/noc.ini configuration file
* daemons reload config on SIGHUP

* main.backup periodic back ups repo too
* New reports: main.system report, main.backups report
* New periodicts: main.cleanup_sessions

Peering Management
* Maintainer object

Service Activation
* New service activation framework with scripting support
* script interfaces
* generic scripts
* gzip message compression between SAE and activators
* Activator tries to reconnect to SAE on connection lost
* Activator digest authentication
* debug-profile replaced with debug-script

Configuration Management
* Configuration management uses service activation now
* New reports: cm.stale_configs

Fault Management
* Initial Fault Management implementation
* noc-classifier daemon
* SNMP Trap and Syslog collector
* MIB compilation and uploading

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