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0.2.3 (01-JUN-2009)

Address Space Management
* Show/Hide free IP addresses in the block
* "Download IP addresses" tool returns full list of IP addresses, including nested blocks

DNS Management
* New zone provisioning scripts for BIND
* DNSServer.autozones_path attribute
* Updated module documentation

Service Activation
* Memory leak in SAE daemon eliminated
* Improved ESC control-sequences handling
* Improved complex pagers handling

Configuration Management
* Config file syntax highlighting
* Improved navigation

Fault Management
* noc-correlator daemon is completely rewritten
* fm.archive periodic task to delete deprecated events
* New event classes for dot11 and load balancers
* New classification rules for Cisco IOS, Cisco CSM module and f5 LTM
* "Active Problems Summary" dashboard

Knowledge Base
* New "format" macro for syntax highlighting

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