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0.3.1 (02-OCT-2009)

* Better socket and resolver errors handling in Non-Blocking Socket Library
* Daemon Heartbeats (noc-activator, noc-probe)
* CSV export in reports and change lists
* noc-launcher fixes crashinfo's permissions when necessary

Address Space Management
* Check for duplicated IPv4 addresses and blocks
* IPv4 Address Ranges
* Suggest free blocks in "Allocate Block" form

Service Activation
* New profiles: HP.GbE2, Sun.iLOM3
* Configuration modification ability for scripts
* New scripts: Cisco.IOS.add_vlan, Cisco.IOS.remove_vlan, Generic.sync_vlans, Cisco.NXOS.get_vlans
* New interfaces: IAddVlan, IRemoveVlan, ISyncVlans
* max_pull_config now behaves properly
* Script.snmp.getnext() method for SNMP GETNEXT support
* Cisco.NXOS.get_version script uses SNMP when available
* Search filter in "Task Schedule" form
* Activator's built-in HTTP Server

Fault Management
* New classification rules for Cisco.ASA and Force10.FTOS
* Archivation Rules can close events

DNS Management
* New reports: "Missed Reverse Zones"
* DNS Zone Profile "description" field

Virtual Circuit Management
* VC Provisioning (including vc.vc_provisioning periodic task)
* field for VC names
* VC.type field moved into VCDomain.type

Performance Management
* fping probe
* snmp probe: ifindex resolution process optimized

Peering Management
* Peer.masklen is deprecated and removed

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