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0.8 (05-SEP-2013)

Release highlights

  • Simplified one-command install procedure
  • Simplified one-command upgrade
  • Official Virtual Appliance
  • New versioning scheme
  • Repo has been moved to Bitbucket
  • UI cleanup
  • Network map
  • Additional discovery methods:
    • Version and chassis id
    • Configuration
    • MAC databasee
    • L2 Topology discovery based on LLDP, CDP, *STP, REP, BFD, UDLD and Ethernet OAM
    • VLAN discovery
  • New SA profiles: Arista.EOS, Qtech.QSW, HP.1905, Force10.SFTOS, NextIO.vNet, Siklu.EH, NAG.SNR, Siemens.HIX5630
  • Flexible alarm notifications
  • Centralized managed object notification centre
  • Huge amount of new scripts and compatibility improvements
  • get_chassis_id scripts support virtual chassis systems like Juniper TX-matrix and Cisco VSS
  • New Fault Management UI
  • Performance management module has been reworked
  • Django 1.4 and ExtJS 4.2.1 migration
  • Modular third-party packaging system
  • STOMP v1.1 compliant server and client
  • New scheduler framework for precise job control
  • New non-blocking socket IO API with reduced latency and improved throughoutput
  • Third-party packages removed from contrib/ directory
  • Alarm jobs in fault management
  • Managed Object and Interface profiles
  • VC domain can be assigned to managed object and to particular interface as well
  • Miltiple Canned Beef repositories


Webserver setup changes

/media/ url mapping has been changed. Please adjust config of upstream HTTP server according to Webserver Setup.

Discovery setup changes

interface_discovery, prefix_discovery and ip_discovery settings have been moved to noc.conf

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