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  • Commiters Tutorial for GIT from PyCharm and node
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From node:

To commit to the main repo you need:

Copy the repo to local folder

You must to copy the repo to local folder before starting to commit changes:

$ git clone
$ cd collections

Add remote source-original for sync with them

Add remote source-original for sync with them

$ git remote add initial

Sync process

Убеждаемся, что мы в мастер-ветке

$ git branch

скачивание содержимого на локальный комп

$ git pull initial master

отправка изменений на сервер

$ git push origin master


Common commit sequence:

git checkout -b C4500X //Создание новой ветки C4500X
cp ../new_models/psu.json src/inv.connectiontypes/Cisco/4500X/ //Добавление файлов туда, куда надо.
git add .     // реиндекс/добавление файлов
git commit     //вводим описание коммита и сохраняем файл (редактор можно поменять в настройках)
git push origin C4500X // отправляем нашу ветку в репозиторий
git checkout master // вернулись в мастер-ветку

From PyCharm (local PC):

You need download and install PyCharm, Version Control




After install all components on some OS you need change settings for Version Control in PyCharm.

Version Control

You need a fork project

For collections here


After forking repo

You can use rsync between local PC and noc node or only local with download zip or copy from Version Control to local for project

Choose repo


If you want pull or commit and push, you need up your eyes for right side PyCharm


For commit and push, see screenshot:

Commit and push

After pushing your commit will be checked for errors and if your commit will be accepted, you can create merge request here:*YOUR_FORK*/collections/merge_requests