NOC stores configuration in INI files in etc/ directory.

INI file format


Lines starting with # sign considered comments and ignored during processing


# This is comment line.
# And another comment


INI file separated to sections. Each section starts with section name enclosed by brackets.



Configuration Variables

Configuration variables are the part of the sections. Each variable set by variable name and variable value divided by = sign. Variable value can be omitted in case of empty value. Trailing spaces are discarded.


var1 = value1
empty_var =

.conf and .defaults

Each configuration consists of two files: .conf and .defaults ones. .defaults contains default values. .defaults are the part of distribution and can be altered by software upgrade. You shall no edit .defaults directly, or your changes can be lost with next update. Edit .conf file instead. .conf contains site-specific settings. Variables in .conf file override default values from .defaults. If no variable set in .conf default value from .defaults will be used.

Changing configuration files

Configuration files are plain text files and can be safely copied between installations, edited directly by text editor or changed via web interface (Main > Setup > Configs)


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