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Main module is a core or NOC. Main module provides following services:

  • Core system services
  • Database access, migration and backup tools
  • User authentication and authorization
  • Online documentation access
  • Global search
  • Reporting engine

MIME Types

Database of file extension to MIME type mappings.

Used to set up valid Content-Type for downloadable files and attachments (i.e. Knowledge Base attachments)

Notification Groups

Notification Groups are the unified method to deliver the message to all participants. Messages can be delivered via email, written to file, etc. Messages are delivered by noc-notifier daemon


EmailSend email message
FileWrite subject to file

Time Patterns

Time patterns are the flexible way to identify time intervals. Time Pattern matches time interval when it returns True for every moment of time belonging to interval and returns False for every other moment.

 Time Patterns contains zero or more Terms. Zero-term Time Pattern matches any time.

One-term Time Pattern matches time interval defined by Term. Many-term Time Pattern matches all intervals defined by Terms (Logical OR).

 Each term contains mandatory left part and arbitrary right, separated by pipe sign (|).

Left part defines Date Selector while right part defines Time Selector. Term matches moment of time when Date Selector matches Date and Time Selector matches Time.

Date and time selectors contains of zero or more expressions, separated by commas (,).

Empty expression matches any date or time. Multiple expressions match moment of time when at least one expression matches.

Date Selector Expressions

<day>Matches day of month <day> of every month
<day1>-<day2>Matches all days of month between <day1> and <day2> of every month
<day>.<month>Matches date
<day1>.<month1>-<day2>.<month2>Matches all days between two dates of every year
<day>.<month>.<year>Matches date
<day1>.<month1>.<year1>-<day2>.<month2>.<year2>Matches all days between two dates
<day of week>Matches day of week of every week (mon, tue, wen, thu, fri, sat, sun)
<day of week1>-<day of week2>Matches all days between two days of week

Time Selector

HH:MMMatches time
HH:MM-HH:MMMatches interval of time


Any time
<empty rule>
Every 5th of month05
From 5th to 10th of month05-10
13th of March13.03
From 1st of May to 7th of June01.05-07.06
Each Fridayfri
From Monday to Fridaymon-fri
5th and 25th of every month05,25
Working time (09:00-18:00 from Monday to Friday)mon-fri|09:00-18:00
Non working time (All other time)mon-fri|00:00-08:59,18:01-23:59


Before noon of Monday, Wednesday and Friday, after noon for other days





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