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NOC Version Categories

NOC releases follow date-base versioninig scheme. Versions are split to four categories:

  • Releases - stable well-tested releases marking next milestone in NOC evolution
  • Hotfixes - Fixes for critical bugs found in releases
  • Pre-releases - Release testing branches forked during pre-release stage
  • Development snapshots - arbitrary repository snapshots. Development snapshots may contain crirical bugs preventing valid operations

NOC Versioning Scheme

  • Releases:YY.MM
  • Hotfixes:YY.MM.N
  • Development snapshots:


  • YY - Last two letters of year
  • MM - Two letters of month
  • N - Release version. Bumped up with small changes or bugs fixed.
  • R - Mercurial repo revision number

Which version to choose

Install last stable release for production use. Do not forget to promote to hotfixes when available.

Anyway, please consult Release Notes before upgrade

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