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Setting up and booting image

  1. Download current VM image from NOC CDN
  2. Import image into VirtualBox ("File > Import appliance")
  3. In VM settings go to the "Network" tab, ensure the "Adapter 1" is enabled, attached to "Bridged Adapter" and mapped to real network interface
  4. Boot up VM image

Access NOC

Default console login credentials are:

System set up to get IP addresses via DHCP and will display obtained address into console.

Access web interface via HTTPS (https://<ip>). Default web credentials are:


First steps

  1. Edit up /opt/noc/etc/noc-notifier.conf and set up SMTP server, address, user and password for outgoing mail
  2. Restart NOC

  3. In web interface, go to Main > Setup > Notification Groups, create notification group and set email
  4. In Main > Setup > System Notificatons assing newly created notification group to all system events
  5. Add one or more Managed Object (Service Activation > Managed Objects)
  6. You will get your IPAM database initialized and device configuration grabbed in 5-15 minutes