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noc lookup-mib – Perform OID to name and name to OID MIB lookups


noc lookup-mib <value1> [.. <valueN>]


Lookup loaded MIBs for OID or name depending on <value> format. If <value> is OID, MIBs will be searched for OID and resulting name will be written to stdout. Otherwise, MIBs will be searched for name and resulting OID will be dumped to stdout. In case of failed lookup, an error message printed and command returns with non-zero exit code.


--tracebackPrint traceback on exception


Lookup for OID by name

/opt/noc$ ./noc lookup-mib IF-MIB::ifName.14 

Lookup for name by OID

/opt/noc$ ./noc lookup-mib

Failed lookup

/opt/noc$ ./noc lookup-mib IF-MIB::ifNamx
Error: Not found: IF-MIB::ifNamx 

See Also

noc import-mib