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noc wipe – Completely wipe object from database


noc wipe <schema> <object 1> [.. <objectN>]


Completely wipe object from database, cleaning all related objects

Object wiping will cause complete lost of all data, related to wiped object. Operation is not interruprable and cannot be undone. Wiping of highly-linked objects can cause high system and database load and can severe impact on system performance.

Use object wiping on your own risk. NOC project team highly recommend to not wipe anything from database

Do not forget to do databases backup before wiping



SchemaDescriptionName format
managed_objectManaged Objectobject id or name
userSystem useruser id or name


Delete managed object by id (13)

/opt/noc$ ./noc wipe managed_object 13

Delete managed object by name (switch1)

/opt/noc$ ./noc wipe managed_object switch1

Delete two managed objects

/opt/noc$ ./noc wipe managed_object 13 switch1

Delete user "Joe User"

/opt/noc$ ./noc wipe user "Joe User"


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