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 noc-sae daemon configuration

 [main] section

logfileStringLog file path  
loglevelStringLogging level
  • debug
  • info
  • warning
  • error
  • critical
logsizeStringMaximum log file size in bytes
  • 0 - unlimited size
  • >0 - limit each file
syslog_hostStringSyslog destination for logs
logfilesIntegerKeep logfiles backup copies of log file 3
pidfileStringPID file path /var/run/

[sae] section

shardsStringComma-separated list of shards, served by SAE daemon msk,spb
listenStringListen for activator connections at address
portIntegerListen for activator connections at port 19701
refresh_event_filterIntegerEvent filter expire time. Activators will refresh their event filters after this time 600
force_plaintextStringComma-separated list of prefixes. If activator falls within one of prefixes all encrypting, compression and signing of RPC traffic will be disabled to increase performance.
max_mrt_rate_per_saeIntegerNew map tasks starting limit per SAE (tasks/sec)
  • 0 - no limits
  • >0 - limit rate
max_mrt_rate_per_shardIntegerNew map tasks starting limit per SAE per shard (tasks/sec)
  • 0 - no limits
  • >0 - limit rate

[events] section

strip_syslog_facilityBooleanDo not write syslog facility into the database to reduce size
  • false - do not strip facility
  • true - strip facility
strip_syslog_severityBooleanDo not write syslog severity into the database to reduce size
  • false - do not strip severity
  • true - strip severity