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We are pleased to announce the successful completion of a global redesign of services.

We have prepared the new server and installed amazing pack of Atlassian software, comprising:

We also have been installed Jenkins CI as our primary continuous integration system

New pack of services includes:
Together with an introduction of new services we also announce new development cycle. We're planning to prepare an stable releases
every few month, interleaved by relatively stable interim releases every few weeks, allowing to choose between stability and new features.
Learn more about new release versions in our new documentation area. First interim release, named 0.7(1) will be ready in a time.
As usually, feel free to join and contribute the project, and do not forget to join at
Our special thanks to:
  • Maxim Shaposhnikov - for contributing blazingly fast ESXi virtual machine and system software installation
  • Alexey Shirokikh - for application software setup and maintainance
  • Atlassian - for great pack of software development and collaboration tools for kindly granted licences.