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After 4 month of development and 130 closed issues NOC 0.7(3) is finally out

Major release highlights are:

  1. IPAM auto-discovery
  2. Extended IPv6 support for various scripts
  3. VC Management have been completely rewritten to ExtJS UI
  4. States for VRFs/Prefixes/Addresses
  5. Extended support for Cisco IOS XR and Extreme equipment
  6. New interfaces and scripts: IGetDOMStatus, IGetMPLSVPN
  7. REST and JS interface to Map/Reduce tasks
  8. Python code instertion in command snippets
  9. Experimental GIS subsystem

See RELEASE NOTES for details. Follow Downloads (deprecated) section. Refer to documentation.

NOC 0.7(3) also intoduces an official NOC Virtual Appliance, ready for drop-in deployment.