NOC is developed and maintained by community of volunteers. You are welcome to join community and contribute to project. You have several options of participation, depending on your willing and skills. Every contribution will be greatly appreciated.


All the criticism about how hard it was to find NOC, what difficulties have arisen during installation and use will help us to make a better product. Do not hesitate to grumble


Share your impressions with community. Your impressions are working stuff too

Success Stories

If you successfully using NOC, take a time and write Success Story. Success stories will help the market to recognize the product

Write documentation

Help us to improve Documentation and FAQ by fixing the bugs and submitting missed articles

Code reviews

If you have working knowledge of either Python, Django, Javascript, PostgreSQL or MongoDB, participate in our code reviews. Code audit will help to make NOC's codebase better

Write unittests

If you have ever little Python programming skills, help us to increase overall test coverage, writing and extending unittests.

Submit canned beef

Canned beef is an universal mechanism to test SA scripts. If you can run scripts on platforms and version not yet covered, spend some time to grab canned beef and send to us for further testing

Report the bugs

Fill bug reports for all bugs found. See submission guide for details

Fix the bugs

Do not hesitate to fix bugs and submit a patches

Write code

Improve existing or add completely new features and send the patches.

Share testing environment

If you want to have NOC's unittest were run on your OS/Python/Database versions of choices, set up virtual machine and share it to our continuous integration system. We will periodically test the NOC in your environment.

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