If you found a bug, have patch or improvement proposal, please fill an issue in our issue tracker.

Issue Trackers

nocproject.org issue trackers contains following projects:

  • NOC - Issues related to NOC
  • Site - nocproject.org site and services

Creating an issue

Before reporting an issue check FAQ and open issues.  May be you issue was already reported before. To mark your interest in resolving an issue, vote for it. You can also subscribe to issue (watch). If you have new issue follow instructions:

Please report one problem or one proposal per issue. Do not mix unrelated problems or proposals in single issue.

To create and issue:

  1. Jump to a proper tracker
  2. Press "+ Create issue" button
  3. Select issue type:
    1. Bug - for bug report
    2. Improvement - for improvement proposals
    3. New Feature - for patches
  4. Fill summary field. Summary must be short and informative, allowing to quickly understand a meaning of issue. Fill summary in english.
  5. Left priority to Minor. Priority will be risen or fallen by developers later according your description
  6. Select component
  7. For bug reports, fill affected version with your curent version. You can get it by

    /opt/noc$ ./scripts/about | head -1
  8. Left fix versions untouched, it will be filled by developers later
  9. Left assignee untouched, it will be filled by developers later
  10. For bug reports paste

    /opt/noc$ ./scripts/about

    output into Environment field

  11. Fill description field. Description must be informative. Add maximum diagnostics to help support
  12. Add labels. If your issue relates to particular profile, add profile name as label
  13. Press "Create" button
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