I've recently read articles and news stories about Delta-8 products. The story that caught my attention was one in which Delta-8 online ordering was banned in California under the new Californian law. In short, under the new law anyone ordering delta-8 cannabis must now get a prescription. Delta-8 is an ingredient found in smoked cannabis. This cannabis is often blended with other ingredients to create different potency products.

In some places, like Canada, delta-8 is not illegal. But you must still get a doctor's prescription in order to order this product. In the United States it is actually against the law to sell or distribute delta-8 cannabis or hemp. And in many places, including California, it has been made illegal to even possess these products.

Some have speculated that the Delta-8 cannabis comes from hemp and is mixed with other ingredients to make it more potent. But there's no evidence that this is true. The delta-8 is simply part of the marijuana blend. Therefore, anyone ordering any kind of delta-8 must get a prescription from a licensed physician. If you're breaking this law, you could get into big trouble with the law, and you might even go to jail for distributing pot.

So why did Delta-8 get banned? It's actually quite simple to explain. Delta-8 was a new competitor entering the market. As the online drug store started to grow, some Delta-8 dealers tried to sneak in under the radar by mixing delta-8 with other ingredients. When caught, Delta-8 sellers had to list their products as an illegal substance and get rid of them.

You can imagine the problems that would ensue. An entire industry was threatened. Instead of making millions of dollars off of selling Delta-8, they faced a huge tax bill and tons of fines. Delta-8 has been phased out of the country, and the online pharmacies that sell it are losing hundreds of thousands of dollars. The whole industry could be bankrupt if this type of thing was going to continue.

So how do you buy delta-8 online without getting busted? Stick with the delta-8 that is available through your local physician. They can recommend the correct dosage for you. It's safer than trying to figure it out for yourself.
Some websites like Area52.com offer supplements from other countries. Be careful about buying from these sites. There is no way to verify the origin of these products. The quality of the product is often suspect.

The Delta-8 that your doctor gives you can also be purchased online. This makes it easier and more convenient. You can buy all the products you need at one time. If you have any questions, don't hesitate to contact customer service. You will feel much more confident about the product you choose to buy.

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