You need voice overs for your every need and google provides free text to speech. They are great until you start to realize the sound is too robotic and doesn't sound natural.
When we look for a free voice over text to speech tool, we always conduct a google search and proceed with the leading rank on search engine result that is- Google Cloud text to speech. It is a free text reader that easily converts your written text into speech mp3 format.
Google Cloud Text-to-Speech allows users to create natural-sounding speech from a library of 30 voices in a variety of languages and dialects. To offer high-fidelity music, it uses DeepMind's revolutionary WaveNet research and Google's strong neural networks.
But, are there any problems that users face while using text to speech in Google in terms of audio conversion and audio quality?
Well, yes. Despite being a Google product, the text reader lacks in quality and customer satisfaction.
Let's see what users have to say:

  • Voice Sounds Artificial: Many of the users complain about the quality of the voice sound as the automated generated voice sounds very unrealistic and computerized that can not be used for video voice overs. Many users feel that Google needs to customize the voice quality in terms to build realistic and human-like voices.
  • Long Audio Takes More Money: The software works well when users generate short audio but it limits the long audio generation. Google has no fixed pricing for converting long text to speech in google which creates confusion among people.
  • Slow Audio Generation: Users feel that Google text to speech platform doesn't provide real-time conversion. Their processing of text to speech audio generation takes a little more time than a good speech synthesis software like Speechmax.
  • Limited Indian Language: Many Hindi users failed to connect with text to speech in Google as it provides limited Indian language support to Hindi users. Also, it doesn't pronounce Hindi words exactly as it should be which is not expected from a platform like Google.
  • A Bit Confusing: For the first-timers or beginners, the text to speech in Google might seem a bit difficult or confusing. So many users feel that the deployment or implementation should be made easy with the default option without much customization.
  • Paid Download: Users have to pay a certain amount to get a good voice to download to their devices. Also, Google takes payment information beforehand to start with the audio conversion and debits the amount according to the usage. To eliminate these limitations, we have the Best Text to Speech Online Platform- Speechmax. This particular text reader doesn't compromise with voice quality and quantity. It has become India's most trusted and user-friendly platform with easy layout and functioning. SpeechMax is an exceptional AI-based voice synthesis technology that converts Hindi text into lively voices just like humans within seconds. The human-like male/female voice can be generated in various narrative styles for customer interaction channels, social media content, podcasts, audiobooks, voice cloning, and article reading on digital platforms.

See how it works:

You just need to open the link and kick start with the BEST!

  • Type or Paste text: In the text box write the text that you want to convert. Spechmax suggests correct spellings in Hindi while writing and also lets you insert special characters like '.,!/' to emphasize pauses and expressions.
  • Select Voice & Style: After typing or pasting, you can select a voice -male or female that you want for your audio. Now select the speaking style- narration, excited, happy or sad that meets the need of your text. If you're a premium member of Speechmax, you get an additional feature to select background music to give an effective and attractive sound to your voiceover. It makes your converted voice sound more playful and dynamic.
  • Enter Email and Create Audio: Click on the 'create audio' button to start converting the Hindi text to audio format. Next, click on the 'play' button to preview the audio. You'll get an instant AI-generated voice imitating your Hindi text word to word in human-like expression, emotion, and pauses. Unlike other platform, there is no if or but or any other condition. It is that simple to create natural human-like voices in Hindi.

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