A realtor is needed as a mediator who assists in fixing up the deals while conducting transactions on behalf of a buyer. There are pros and cons to both of the arguments about whether to hire a realtor or not. 

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Pros of Working with a Real Estate Agent

  1. Real estate agents have professional expertise in the real estate industry. They have a wealth of knowledge and professional advice that can help in navigating the exchange process. 

  2. Realtors help in time and energy saving as realtors can assist in convenience while making the biggest purchase decision. Real estate agents have a fair knowledge of the markets and they can decide the best home for buyers.

  3. Realtors help in handling all the listing communications and also assist in the paperwork. 

  4. They are middlemen and they can be very advantageous while negotiating. Realtors are neutral parties in the process of real estate exchange. 

Cons of Working with a Real Estate Agent

  1. A full-service agent may be very expensive in the exchange process and he can demand hefty commission in turn. An average of 6% commission is the minimum demanded price on the selling price. 

  2. Some realtors manage multiple clients and they are typical business persons, it is therefore needed to diligently ensure the realtor prior buying the property. 

  3. It is not necessary that all the realtors can work as per the standards and meet the deadlines properly. They have their own restraints while working on a specific property. 

  4. Realtors are not the financial advisors they can only recommend the best property as per the requirements. They are not a legal advisor as they can only assist a buyer in their legal holdings, but an additional lawyer is needed to complete the legal formalities.

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